About us

Message form the chairman of the board and former professor of Clinical Philosophy, Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University.

Narifumi Nakaoka

I would like to write a few words about how Philosophical Counseling Oncolo was born and about our mission.

What is the Oncolo Café?

Oncolo Café is a place where cancer patients, or people affected by incurable diseases, and their families join a philosopher to discuss a specific topic. It is a place where everyone can give voice to their thoughts and, listening carefully to other’s ideas, deeply rethink the meaning of issues that cause troubles in their everyday life and challenge them. Everyone can bring his own beverage or snacks.


What is the role of “philosophy” and philosophical dialogue in an Oncolo Café session?

When you hear the word “philosophy,” what kind of image enters your mind? Are Aristotle, Descartes, and Kant the first names that you recall? Perhaps you are thinking that philosophy is something “difficult.” However, what we do during a session at our Oncolo Cafe does not require any specialized knowledge or expertise; it is not at all difficult.


How does a typical session of Oncolo Café proceed?

A session of our Oncolo Café normally follows this routine:

a. Simple self-introduction

The participants could use their name, but they should also feel free to use a nickname by which they would like to be called by the other participants.